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Artist Statement

I consider myself a quilter – even though I rarely make quilts anymore. I come from a family of very creative women, and started sewing when I was very young. My mother, who was uber creative, expressed herself in a variety of mediums – food, fabric, paint, sparkling conversation... She taught my sisters and I how to sew and we’re all still at it, with two of my sisters being fiber artists. One of the first outfits I made consisted of two seams and cut outs for arms and neck – made out of red bandana fabric. It looked so fabulous, I did cartwheels in it all the way to school one day! I found my niche in quilting. When I started in the 80’s, fabric options consisted mostly of calicos and novelty prints. Today, the options are vast, but the majority of fabric in my repertoire (and items I’m creating for my website) are those created by Marcia Derse (sister #1). She has an amazing eye for color and design, and now her fabric designs are being produced and sold commercially.

In the past I’ve taught quilting classes, made quilts for our home, for gifts, for sale and have quilted for others on request. In the past several years, I made over 600 tote bags (that were all sold!) for a North Carolina Non-Profit organization that supports orphans in Kenya. Using the Kikoi’s from Africa, I fell in love with the tote making process and had so much fun playing with the color options. Today, I’m still making totes and other items that are inspired by a new little grand niece, Marcia Derse fabric, and objects that just present themselves as fun. I hope you enjoy looking at my website as much as I’ve enjoyed making all the items on it.

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